Things to see and / or do in or near Hin Dat, Kanchanaburi.

Hindad Hot Springs

Formerly also known as Kuimang Hot Springs. The Hin dat hot springs were accidentally discovered by the Japanese that were overseeing the construction of the "Death Railway" in the 1940's. There is well of natural hot water of 45 – 55 C that flows into two cement baths right next to a stream of cool water. It is believed that the water from this hot spring has a healing property for various ailments such as beriberi and rheumatism. Visit later in the afternoon to avoid crowds.

Hindat Hot Springs the hot baths next to the cool river the cool river at Hin Dat spring with an wall about 20 cm's below water surface Welcome signs at the Hindad Hot springs

Phatad Waterfall in Thong Phaphum valley

The Pha Tad Waterfall is said to be one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Kanchanaburi province, especially during- or in the months after the raining season. During those months there are 3 completely different, but all magnificent, waterfalls to be seen. By early February only the last waterfall will be worth a picture and just before the beginning of the green season in July, you may want to skip this location all together unless you're coming to see some of the tallest trees in Thailand. The water from these falls join the Kwae Noi river (river Kwai) at the Khao Lam dam.

After looking both left and right, just go straight across the intersection with highway 323 and follow the road until you come to a junction with a dirt road. Turn right and enjoy this roller coaster road ride. When you come to the 2nd ticket booth with the closed gate: Get out or off your vehicle to pay the entry fee and continue to the parking after that. Before you park your car make sure to look up. You may actually want to park your car next to the offices, as most local do, although it's said to be safe...

Phatad Waterfall signs Giant Bamboo everywhere the 2nd waterfall at Pha tad in late November It's hard to take a nice picture of the 3rd waterfall, but by far the most beautiful when it's een live

Golf Courses near Kanchanaburi

Golfers should definitely visit the most spectacular golf course in Kanchanaburi which is located only a few Km's away, just past the Hin Daat hot springs: the Green World Golf Club. The beautiful 6600 meter long par 72 course ends with a very challenging par 3 shot across the river kwai itself, where you will hear the words "Tok Nam" uttered every few minutes. Currently often used as long term training camp for Korean golfers, but visitors are always welcome. Compared to elsewhere in Thailand, the green fees are almost ridiculously cheap. Typical green fee is only 700 baht on weekdays and 1000 baht on weekends, but often there are even further discounts available. Caddy for 18 holes is only 250 baht.
It's a shame that the hotel itself has lost most of it's glory. as it was built in 1993, but fortunately both the golf course as well as the equipment are kept in an excellent condition. The Golf course does not offer any type of shuttle service, but our drivers will gladly deliver and collect you. Booking a start time in advance is recommended (tel: 034-685-843-4 / fax: 034-531-062).

Over the river kwai 18th hole tee shot on the Green World golf course in Hin Dat, Kanchanaburi narrow greens, but not as difficult as expected both Golf Carts as well as Caddies are abundantly available An other old bridge over the river kwai leads you to the golfcourse.

Hellfire Pass Memorial Museum

Hellfire Pass is a 500 metes long and 26 metes deep section of rock that was dug out by Prisoners of War intended to allow the ‘Death Railway’ to continue its route from Bangkok to Rangoon. Soldiers were forced to remove the rock using no more than picks, hammers and their bare hands. Of the 1,000 Australian, British and Dutch soldiers who took 12 weeks to clear the stretch of mountain, 700 died. The Hellfire Pass Memorial was set up to commemorate the fallen. The memorial comprises a trail where visitors follow the old railway track into the jungle and a small museum. At the time of our latest visit the trail was no longer open over it's full length, by orders of the Thai Army, but still well worth visit. The museum contains pictures and tools alongside video exhibitions and showing of documentaries about the events. Like elsewhere on this trail, the memorial and museum are extremely moving places. This Memorial was funded and is being maintained by the Australian Government and The Australian Thai Camber of Commerce. It's located 40 Km's in the direction of Bangkok along the same route 323, or 85 Km's from Kanchanaburi city.

Hellfire Memorial Museum in Kanchanaburi inside the hellfire pass memorial museum in Kanchanaburi Peace Vessel made by a surviving POW the new access path to the old Hellfire trail.

Other activities in Kanchanaburi / near the River Kwai

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