Welcome to the Nakakiri River Kwai Resort in Kanchanaburi

The most serene place to sleep in Thailand

If you spend the night in one of the floating raft rooms in the Nakakiri floating houses, you will wake up to the most serene surroundings that you will be able to find anywhere here in beautiful Thailand. If you wake up early, you will find your floating hotel room surrounded by an almost mysterious morning fog and it's almost as if the hundreds of species of birds that you can see during the daytime in this well preserved nature park, twitter much less when near this historically so significant river kwai, especially in those early mornings.

Brand New River Kwai Resort

This 4 star River Kwai Resort was only recently completed on a giant 250 Rai (or 64.000 m2 / 40 Hectares / 16 Acers) plot in a mostly untouched part of Kanchanaburi Province. Although the Nakakiri Resort & Spa Kanchanaburi is fully equipped & capable to handle large groups of guests for seminars, mini conferences and company get-away's, it's only in the central part of the resort where the huge swimming pool, the restaurant and lobby building and the most comfortable of our accommodations: the Villa's are, where you will see activity during the week. The wooden floating raft houses with their very fine bed- and bathrooms are traditionally most popular with both our Thai guests as well as the international explorers of Thailand that tend to spend only 1 or 2 nights in Kanchanaburi and come to really connect with nature, while the two storey Kiri Village buildings see a lot of single or dual day organized tour visitors that want to get away from all the tourism and noise in Kanchanaburi city or make just a short trip from Bangkok, Hua Hin or even Pattaya.

Therefore, for those of you that intended to spend more than a couple of nights in these impressive nature surroundings in Kanchanburi, as you most certainly should, we highly recommend a stay in one of these brand new Nakakiri Resort & Spa Poolside or River View luxury villas. Both are conveniently located near our massive swimming pool, our private Nakakiri Hot Springs and the restaurant, but still offer maximum privacy. And with these Nakakiri Resort & Spa Special Internet Rates you won't have any reason to deprive yourself of anything less than the best.

the Nakakiri Private Hot Springs

While a trip to the nearby Hin daad Hot Spring should definitely be on all of our much appreciated guest's to-do lists, we feel that having our own in-house Hot Spring baths would add a lot of value for our future guests. To establish this a few km long pipeline has been lain to connect us to the natural hot spring in the Hin Daad hills and 3 large pools have been built in the area close to the swimming pool. A recent test run has shown that the installation to get the soothing hot wat from the spring to the Nakakiri Resort & Spa works perfectly, so now it's only the final sign-off by our local government we are waiting for, before everyone can enjoy these amazing Nakakiri Hot Springs in Kanchanaburi.

One of the most spacious River Kwai resorts

As the resort stands on such a immensely large property, we are able to use a lot of this land for fun activities. After an initial ATV trail turned out to be a bit too challenging for some of our guests, we have now made a completely new track where both the more adventures and daring drivers can have some fun, but the careful starters will feel safe to try. These ATV are intended for supervised use on our special ATV track only, so these can't be taken out for exploring the surrounding areas. For private travels outside of the resort, we can arrange for regular motorcycles / scooters to be provided. Remember to look both ways when crossing the highway though when you, for instance, head out to visit the very impressive Pahtad waterfalls at end end of a beautiful valley road, just across the intersection. Traffic in Thailand drives on the left side of the road, but traffic in the countryside goes in any direction, on or off both sides of the road and usually a bit faster than the local speed limit allows.

Don't be alarmed when, usually in the afternoons, you encounter a family of goats wondering around the grounds in front of the main lobby building: they are actually here to help us with the upkeep of our green areas. The same goes for the buffalo's and cows, although you won't find them wondering around the resort itself, as they have their own private area near the south end of our property. Feel free to pay them a visit though, as they are as peaceful as nearly all animals here tend to be. We are also working hard on a new Jungle Raft Restaurant as an more nature related and romantic add-on for our regular restaurant under the lobby, but rest assured that you will always be able to order any snacks or drinks you crave right from the poolside restaurant at any time. Expect the raft restaurant to be open during weekends and on busier weekdays very soon.

Free WiFi is available in all public areas AND the rooms in the Nakakirir ResortThe Nakakiri Resort & Spa offers free WiFi in all of public areas and all the rooms in the Resort! Bring your Smart phone, camera phone, Ipad, netbook or other WiFi enabled gadget and feel free to upload any pictures you take in or around the resort, but don't forget to let others know how to find us... Golfers will be happy to learn that one of the most spectacular golf resorts in Kanchanaburi is located only a few Km's away, just past the Hin Daad hot springs. The beautiful 6600 meter long par 72 course ends with a very challenging par 3 shot across the river kwai itself, where you will hear the words "Tok Nam" uttered every few minutes. Other well known sights worth visiting in the area are the the Hellfire Pass memorial museum and the Kanchanaburi Tiger Temple, although these visits are best done on your inbound or outbound transfer to or from the Nakakiri Hotel in Kanchanaburi, or by bus as a separate day trip.

Why this River Kwai Resort in Kanchanaburi?

The Nakakiri Resort   Spa is owned and operated by professionals that have been in the hospitality business and construction business for many decades, which clearly shows from the more than excellent accommodations and impeccable service levels in the Nakakiri hotel. This is not your typically "banana farmer turned hotel" type of operation, but rather a well planned and built visitor friendly jungle resort, yet being part of a large group enables us to offer you the best rates available. Just go ahead and compare our Nakakiri Resort room rates to those of other, albeit hard to find, 4 star resorts in the area. You will quickly find that we offer the best rates around and intend on doing so for many years to come.

the Nakakiri Resort & Spa, River Kwai, 99 Moo 1, Hin dat, Kanchanaburi, 71180 Thailand.
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the Nakakiri Resort & Spa is no longer a member of the Siam Resorts Group Thailand

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